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 Anti-Poaching Initiatives 

At Hwange Horseback Safaris, we believe in getting our hooves dirty, and helping with conservation in the incredible local ecosystem. 

What are Snares?

Snares are typically wire nooses set in the bush with the intent of strangling an animal. Poachers generally set snares to capture edible game meat. While poaching is highly illegal in Zimbabwe, with perpetrators facing penalties of up to nine years in prison, the setting of snares continues and poses massive risks to the local ecosystem. Snares are indiscriminate killers. While a poacher might hope to capture a bushbuck, an endangered painted dog might find itself entangled in this trap. 

What are the root causes behind snaring?

Lack of education, food insecurity,  and unemployment are top amongst a plethora of other factors that lead a poacher to set a snare. Obtaining a hunting permit and sustainably taking meat is expensive and is out of reach for most locals. 

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How Does HHS Help?

  • Frequent Foot snare sweeps

  • HHS volunteers trained on how to snare sweep

  • Horseback patrols through the bush promote presence over vast areas.

  • Uses Painted Dog Conservation as an educational center for HHS volunteers 

  • Inform and assist local darting experts when snares are spotted on animals. 


Impacts of our efforts

  • To date, we have removed hundreds of snares from the bush. These snares range from elephant to guinea fowl. 

  • Noticeable reduced poaching activity in local areas. 

  • Over 30 volunteers educated on the impacts of snares, and sweeping techniques.  


Turning Snares Into Art 

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