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"In the end, we only regret
the chances we didn't take"


Come for a ride with us!

Volunteering with Hwange Horseback Safaris provides an incredible way to experience Zimbabwe. Saddle up and come for a wild ride through the bush with us. Hwange Horseback Safaris caters to all levels of riding ability. Either brush up your riding skills and gallop to new heights, or get your hooves firmly planted on the ground with us. 

Equestrian Activities Include: 

  • Trail rides

  • Exercise rides

  • Schooling and lunging lessons 

  • Sunset rides

  • Community pony rides 

  • Helping with stables duties

  • Assisting with guest rides

  • Horse swims

  • Litter clean up rides

  • Polocrosse / western games 

  • Anti-poaching patrols on horseback 

  • Much more!

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Build community with us!

Slap on your slops, and get to work! Hwange Horseback Safaris is an integral member of the local community of Dete. Volunteers will help with a variety of activities to aid the local community. Get ready for snare sweeps through the bush to help with anti-poaching, constructing a house out of recycled materials to give local artisans a showroom, and help turn discarded glass bottles into beautiful jewelry. 

Community Building Activities Include:

  • Snare removal

  • Creating snare art

  • Recycled materials shop construction

  • Glass jewelry creation

  • Painted Dog Conservation visits

  • Aiding GPS tracked patrols 

  • Litter removal 

  • Gwango traditional dance nights

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Volunteer Program Overview

You will be working with the owners of the company, the grooms and the guides in all aspects of running horse safaris in Africa. The experience will include; Horse care and management, hosting, participating in activities such as rides, game drives and walks. 

Anti Poaching initiatives provide us with tools to impact conservation all whilst riding and working in this incredible area, we work with the Painted Dog Conservation and Lion Research Centre who carefully maintain and look after the packs of wild dogs and prides of lion by collaring, tracking, and monitoring them from a safely maintained distance allowing the wild animals to remain wild.

Our volunteers will have the opportunity to get involved with these organisations on the ground as well as from horseback to benefit conservation at large.

We assist with GPS tracked patrols and ride in vast areas where most rangers on foot would not be able to reach due to the terrain and the distance that we can otherwise cover on horseback, this promotes presence and allows for us to report any suspicious activity to our affiliate antipoaching units. We do not put our volunteers in the forefront of any antipoaching danger, if there is an organised patrol, we will only assist with location camps, looking after the horses overnight in remote areas or alternatively teach the rangers how to ride and handle horses. Our volunteer’s safety is our number one priority and therefore we would never put them in the direct line of danger.

Our location allows us the ability to work closely with the surrounding community, imparting knowledge on how to reduce human- wildlife conflict as well as how to care for and look after their domestic animals such as their donkeys, cattle, and dogs. We strive to create a symbiotic relationship between the local people and the surrounding wildlife. 

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General Information

WHAT WE PROVIDE                                                                     WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED

Accommodation                                                                            Flights & Visas   

Meals and non alcoholic refreshments                                     Travel Insurance

All locally based activities                                                            Spending Money

Victoria Falls airport transfers                                                   Alcoholic beverages

Guide on ridden & Walking Safaris                                           Wi-fi (Available for purchase)


Riding level: All riding levels welcome

Weight Limit: 100kg


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